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Responsibility is surely given to one who has the CAPACITY. But when you discover your responsibilities outweigh your capacity it’s a call for you to increase capacity. Jesus in Matt 25; gave a parable of the talents and with a powerful phrase of every man according to their several abilities…

Their abilities were as a result of their decisions or indecisions prior to that point. So the man that received 5 talents had built capacity to receive what the one that received a talent didn’t have.

Therefore this means that the Glory of God comes in weight, 2Cor 4;17 and this weight will place a demand on your capacity to receive it, God will not place on you the glory that is beyond your capacity. Every glory you enjoy is to the proportion of what your capacity can sustain and maintain.

The widow in 2Kings 4;1-7 was instructed by the prophet to go and borrow vessels and borrow not a few, and it was recorded that the oil seized as the last vessel was filled, we can say she increased capacity to maximize the results of that encounter. ‘Borrow not a few’ was an instruction that implies that the containers will only be the limit to the content.

The vessel in the above story could be knowledge, idea, information, skill or approach, anything that will increase or add to your capacity. The difference between a potential and a professional is a process, in the process of time there is an acquisition of knowledge and experience which makes the price of a professional way beyond that of potential.

This even Christ explained as the Talent was given by capacity no doubt they were not on the same level. Your current level in life is a result of what you know and can do. You are only superior based on what you know and can do Job 13;2.

So get up get out there and add to yourself, in every way possible. Get skills, learn a trade, go for seminars, extend your knowledge base, practice harder for whatever is of value has a price tag.

The price of an orange fruit juice is higher than the orange fruit though subjected to similar growth process and environment, the fruit juice undergoes a further procedure to come out more valuable.

Increase capacity and watch God fill up your vessels one after the other. Praying for a car is good, but, ‘Do u know how to drive? Will you pray for fuel? Will you pray for repairs?

Think about what you are praying for and ask yourself am I ready for this truly maybe that’s why God is not giving it to me  Sometimes all we need to do is to increase capacity because when opportunity meets ability, productivity is inevitable


  • Self-Awareness;

Know your current level and capacity. The man of God asked the first question, ‘What do you have? That’s the question we should ask ourselves, and that is the first step to building capacity. You need to know what you have to get what you need and the truth is everyone has something.

No one is born empty the only problem is many of us don’t know what we have. The widow responded wrongly at first by saying ‘Nothing’ and that was quickly followed by “but a jar of oil”. The jar of oil to her was not good enough to be called something but not bad enough to be called nothing. It could only be a jar u have now but know that it’s something.

  • Self-Determination;

Now you know that what you have is enough but not by sitting down and doing nothing. You have to make up your mind to do whatever it takes to turn your jar into a well. Self-Determination starts by knowing what you have, what you lack, and what you need to be where you want. This is the foundation for the next phase and that is self-development.

  • Self-Development;

Now I am determined to build capacity, how do I go about it? There are many ways and procedures but this is the format according to the passage.

Get Help; the prophet instructed the widow to ‘go borrow vessels’, and ‘borrow not a few’. Vessels in this context could mean information, skill, professional courses, on any field of interest that is appealing to you. No man is an island if you are not informed you will be deformed.

For instance, a typist that only knows how to operate a typewriter will remain timid in a world were Google voice typing is already in vogue.

Without a doubt typing with the typewriter is limited in features as compared to a Microsoft Word in a portable computer. But you could learn the basics of typing with the typewriter because that is the jar available but the knowledge is not negligible.

No knowledge is a waste it only becomes stale or outdated but not irrelevant. The configuration of a PC is an upgrade to the typewriter which makes its delivery better and more efficient thereby maximizing productivity.

So it’s much reason to use a PC than a typewriter so I must learn how to use one. ‘Borrow not a few’ tell us to break the bands and get as much information and skill as possible no limit. Go out there and get help to improve on what you have NOW.


Use Help; Take steps in the right direction. It’s not enough to know what is important, but also to do what is needful. Your present level is as a result of what you know and can do.

There is no alternative to practice and training in order to attain excellence in any field. There is no Prize without a Price. When the information is not initiated there would be no transformation.

The prophet asked her to ‘shut the door’ because in the place of preparation distraction is your worst enemy.

REMEMBER, Talent is not a substitute for training, between the Professional and the potential is PROCESS.


Build, Train, Grow, the World needs YOU

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